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Raspberry-Ricotta Cake

March 1, 2015

Bon Appetit_Raspberry Ricotta Cake

I had basically given up on this blog. Life has been busy since I moved to San Francisco almost a year ago, and while I’ve continued to cook and bake to my heart’s content, I had completely deprioritized posting any of the deliciousness here. Then I came home from work yesterday, and the outlet that powers my TV and internet wasn’t working. We can all agree this was truly horrible timing given that House of Cards Season 3 had just been released.

I woke up this morning and walked down the block to grab a cup of coffee and walk the pup, then came home and started flipping through the March issue of Bon Appétit magazine. Now I think it’s important to note here, that when it comes to Bon Appétit, I’m more than a bit of a fangirl. Not only do I follow the magazine’s official Instagram handle (@bonappetitmag), I also lurk on all their staff. I’d like to say I’m embarrassed, but really….I’m not.

So back to this morning. I’m flipping through the magazine (which I have to say is AMAZING this month), and I stumble upon a recipe for a Raspberry-Ricotta Cake. It looked so simple and delicious, and without internet or TV at my disposal, it seemed like a great day for a baking project. I walked over to Whole Foods to grab a few ingredients, and in a little over an hour, I had this beautiful raspberry-specked cake ready to eat.


As I dipped my fork in to take my first bite of the cake (spongey with a soft crumb!) I scrolled through the pictures I had taken on my iPhone, deciding which one to post to Instagram. I posted the picture, and deciding “why not,” tagged @bonappetitmag and its Editor-in-Chief Adam Rapoport in the image.


I continued relishing the taste of the cake while watching the first episode of House of Cards, as a few “likes” started popping up on my screen. And then. THE MOST EXCITING THING EVER. Adam Rapoport COMMENTED ON MY PICTURE. Now i realize to most people, he may not be a household name. But in my world, he’s right up there with Taylor Swift and Chris Harrison under the category of “OMG I LOVE YOU CAN WE BE BEST FRIENDS??!!!”


So this post goes out to my new BFF Adam Rapoport. Your comment just made my day…month….year? TBD. But I’m pretty psyched right now. Read more…

“I live here!”… and Peach Cobbler

July 2, 2014
Sunset on Baker Beach
Most of the world has probably given up on this blog. I pretty much had. My life changed a lot over the past four months, and I thought to myself: “Do you really want to keep doing this?” But then I made this peach cobbler. And it was so good. And so easy. And I thought— why not?
Peach Cobbler
To fill you in on the last six months….Back in January I decided I was ready to make a move. I loved Boston, but it was a great time for me to make a change personally and professionally, so I started hunting for new jobs in other cities. At the end of February, I was offered a position at an ad agency in San Francisco and within three weeks, I was packing up my South Boston apartment and driving west with Rugby in tow.

Read more…

Christmas Candy: Chocolate-Almond Coffee Toffee and Pecan Pralines

December 19, 2013

Merry Christmas from the best pup in the world!

Christmas is a great time of year to say thanks. I have a lot of people around me I’m thankful for. There are my friends here in Boston- they know how to be fUn & fLiRtY and are total minxes on the dance floor. Or my college friends who live too far away that I miss terribly. Of course there are my coworkers- they make even the most miserable day on the job fun. And finally there’s the team of dog walkers that come to play with Rugby each day. How do you say thank you to all these people at Christmas? I’ve discovered the answer. And it’s called Chocolate-Almond Coffee Toffee and Pecan Pralines.

photo 3-5

Last weekend I was out trying to do some Christmas shopping, with little success (unless you consider shopping for myself a success?). I was at Crate and Barrel and came across a candy thermometer. I’ve been meaning to buy one for some time, and I decided to finally give in. What a great decision! Sunday evening I whipped up my first batch of toffee and immediately had to package it all up to keep myself from devouring every last bite. I put some in a cute tin to send across the country to a friend in CA and the rest got bagged up to take to work.

photo 4-3

My coworkers gave the toffee two thumbs up, so I decided it was the perfect gift to batch up in this cute packaging (another impulse purchase from Crate and Barrel) and give to Rugby’s walkers with a gift card to Starbucks. I mean, what could possible go better with coffee toffee than a cup of Joe?

photo 2-6

The pecan pralines were created on a whim and then bagged up to distribute to some of my coworkers as little Christmas surprises. I also put together some homemade hot chocolate mix in mason jars and dolled them up with some twine and jingle bells. Nothing like some sweet treats to say “THANKS FOR A GREAT YEAR!” Read more…

Sweet and Sour Holiday Brisket

December 16, 2013

sweet and sour brisket

I’ve probably mentioned before that this blog was founded on a faulty premise. See… in my research I’ve discovered that guys aren’t that into sweets. I could bake the most delicious brownies (I do!), spend all day churning my own ice cream, or build the most ridiculous triple-layer cake (remember this one from Valentine’s Day??), but in the end, all a guy really wants is some meat and potatoes.

Well the dinner I made tonight would have been the perfect meal to reward a dude who shoveled my car out of the snow and ice we got yesterday in Boston. Since no one did that, I have 5 lbs of brisket to enjoy throughout this week. And they say that brisket is always better the 2nd day…so anyone that cares to come by tomorrow and shovel out my car….this meal could be yours! Read more…